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   We are the Ashworths – and we are a dog family.  My wife Tamera and I grew up with dogs and it didn’t take us long to adopt our first dog Calvin back when we were just starting out.  Since then, we have adopted seven additional dogs and have enjoyed fostering as well.  We go everywhere with our dogs, and we never pass on an opportunity to stop and say hi to any pups we meet when we are out and about.

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  We are privileged to be the owners of Pet Stop of Northern New England.  Our team of technicians, trainers and office managers are the best in the business.  We have installed thousands of Pet Stop hidden fences throughout New England and our customers continue to praise us for our incredible track record in containing their dogs.   Our promise to you is to provide the system, service, training and support to ensure your dogs enjoy a lifetime of running, exploring, fetching, playing and swimming within a safe contained area of your home.  I believe the moment this happens, your dogs become greater members of your family.  So, we thank you for the opportunity to meet you and your beautiful dogs and we hope we get the chance to bring you the very best in pet containment.


Why Choose Pet Stop

Why should you choose Pet Stop® to keep your pet safe? There are of course many different companies, brands and stores for you to choose between, but nobody else offers our combination of knowledge, experience, technology and a genuine love and concern for pets. The end result is a superior, consistent and pet-friendly electric fence system. You can keep your pet safe both outdoors and indoors, and our system works with any breed of dog or cat.

Pet Stop® is the only pet containment or electric fence company manufactured in the USA from imported raw materials. With an outstanding reputation for making extremely reliable electric pet fence products that leverage cutting edge technology, we know that Pet Stop® is the right product for a permanent pet solution. We employ the best and brightest in the field, with decades of experience dating back to the original invisible electric fence systems of the 1970s.


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