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Ralph ScannelliRalph Scannelli
15:13 27 May 24
The team was very professional and got the done exactly the way we wanted it. We even made changes after install with no issue.The owner and team was excellent to work with us and our furry baby.We will be expanding our fence next and have no doubt the process will be easy.
Jonathan ScannelliJonathan Scannelli
15:04 27 May 24
The entire experience, from quoting, to training our dog was done with professional expertise and friendliness. We had them come back out for adjustments after install to widen the area, and they did so quickly. Rob, and his team at excellent and I highly recommend them to anyone.
Damian CarlsonDamian Carlson
15:22 27 Feb 24
Highly recommended. Product expertise and installation delivered efficiently with kind professionalism. Gentle yet effective training methodologies provided by a team that knows dogs, and clearly loves dogs.
Linda BruceLinda Bruce
15:02 22 Dec 23
Prompt, thoughtful, and detailed response by owner who effectively handled my questions and quickly solved my issue regarding obtaining a new collar. I am extremely grateful and appreciative of the “above and beyond” service I received. Delighted to support Pet Stop of Northern New England with a five star review.
Beth WeeksBeth Weeks
17:02 15 Dec 23
This has been a great addition for our 2 big dogs. The process was easy and the price was reasonable. On install day, we made some last minute changes to the area we wanted to fence, and the installers were happy to help. When one of my dogs chewed his collar and broke it, I was able to have it replaced easily. Really happy with Pet Stop!
Stephanie BilottiStephanie Bilotti
19:03 29 Nov 23
We couldn't be happier with the work that Pet Stop of Northern New England did with our electric fence for our dog. From installation to training to getting a new collar for our 2nd dog, the process couldn't have been easier. The owner walked step by step through the system itself and the various pricing options available. The installers were super informative and flexible. The main office was quick to return my call and answer my questions. My dog loves running around the yard off-leash and I feel better knowing she will not run off. I definitely recommend this company.
Michelle SharronMichelle Sharron
00:43 27 Nov 23
Brad did an amazing job for our rescue dog. The whole process was clearly explained and Pet Stop is a first class business to work with. Highly recommend them and Brad.
Dawn PhillipsDawn Phillips
14:27 17 Nov 23
I recommend Pet stop to all my friends because the consistency of the product can’t be beat! 7 years of keeping our German Shepherd safe and sound on a busy road. The customer service is impeccable.
Amy MelderAmy Melder
14:13 17 Nov 23
We used PetStop at our home in Bedford, NH & loved our experience with them so much we had it reinstalled at our new home in Bow, NH. The staff in the office are pleasant to work with & the technicians & trainers that come to your home are knowledgeable & kind. Highly recommend!
Tara PicardTara Picard
15:42 11 Nov 23
We have had Pet Stop invisible fencing for over 20 years now. The staff are knowledgeable, super friendly, and responsive. The system is of great quality and I HIGHLY recommend them. I wouldn't entrust any one else with safety and security of our fur babies. Thank you Pet Stop for keeping our 'kids' safe. 🙂
Karen UlbinKaren Ulbin
21:13 01 Nov 23
Love Pet Stop! Our invisible fence was a game changer for our dog Lola! She loves her freedom outside! The fence needed a repair….a technician was sent out in a timely manner….he was friendly and. efficient. You can call the office anytime and receive great customer service. The company stands behind their product!
June KulakowskiJune Kulakowski
18:14 16 Oct 23
I could not be happier with Pet Stop of New England. The owner, Rob, always returns emails and messages immediately, I feel this company is always there for me. Brad, tech who set the invisible up on my property, then assisted me with training is wonderful, very patient and explained everything I needed to know for my dogs and myself to have this be successful. Mu worked with Brad on the initial setup, a great team. I feel Pet Stop of NE will never let me down.
Steve SwansonSteve Swanson
12:58 12 Oct 23
I have used Pet Stop of Northern New England for over 5 years through several new pups. They are very prompt coming out and outstanding with showing us how to train new dog and retrain are two year old. I would recommend them. Very professional.
Michelle LangilleMichelle Langille
20:06 11 Oct 23
We have been Pet Stop costumers for many years and have only had great experiences. They are always quick, responsive and fair with their pricing, and their product is highly effective for our dogs. In particular, Muharem is a friendly and efficient technician.
Danielle MooreDanielle Moore
15:26 10 Oct 23
Pet Stop is a reliable method of protecting your beloved dogs. We were so happy with this product at our first home , we had Pet Stop invisible fence installed at our second home. Customer service is fabulous and repairs are done promptly. I highly recommend Pet Stop!
Kathy BurpeeKathy Burpee
20:23 06 Oct 23
We have been using Pet Stop of Northern New England for about 3 years with our dog, Forte. There have been only a couple of times we needed technical help (the mowers cut the line once when aerating). Mu's visit today was early in the time slot and he was extremely pleasant and figured out the problem right away. Highly recommend!
Lori GagneLori Gagne
14:53 19 Sep 23
We had used them in the past, and ended up using them again this time. Both times they were fantastic. Prices are good. They made the install easy, and they were all great with the training of our pup. Just wanted to say thank you to the whole team!! We now have one happy pup!
Andrew GregoryAndrew Gregory
20:39 14 Sep 23
I had a Pet Stop system installed 6 years ago, and it has worked great since then. Recently I had some work on my yard and the wire was cut, so I had Pet Stop out to repair it. The technician was on time and very nice, and he finished the work in under an hour. I appreciate businesses who are prompt and honest, so I give 5 stars.
Valerie HermansonValerie Hermanson
15:40 11 Sep 23
We have been using Pet Stop of Northern New England for years. With our new dog, we needed to fix the broken fence, plus move the boundaries. They were able to work with us (and the current older receiver we have). While our puppy is still learning, she took well to the training and is now able to enjoy the yard.
Karen FKaren F
16:12 31 Aug 23
We’ve been working with this company for over 14 years and have always been very pleased. They are always extremely responsive and helpful. Brian was wonderfully thorough and patient with our newest puppy. Highly recommend them!! 😁
Lynnford WilsonLynnford Wilson
15:17 03 Aug 23
Pet stop of northern New England has been a great company to work with. Initial set up and training was done on time and professionally. Our dogs have responded well and the company has been extremely responsive to any questions or issues. I highly recommend if anyone is looking to set up an invisible fence to call them right away.
Varel FreemanVarel Freeman
18:20 27 Jul 23
I had the wireless fence installed 10 years and 4 dogs ago. It works wonderfully. Pet Stop of NE has been more than responsive on a couple of repairs that were needed after snow plow and landscapers cut the wire--repairs were fast and inexpensive. These are wonderful people to work with!
Ricardo LealRicardo Leal
13:47 26 Jul 23
The best experience ever!The guys are very professional and patience on training.The fence works perfect!My dog respect the boundaries and never tried to get out.The service is always on time.We are very happy for choosing Pet Stop of Northern New England.Ricardo & Marcia
Katie HoadleyKatie Hoadley
14:56 18 Jul 23
Fantastic experience, especially since I have a very nervous girl. The gentlemen realized this and made sure to take things very slowly with my pup and respected her personal space to insure she wasn’t too stressed out. It’s clear that they have a lot of experience with dogs.
Arlene MagoonArlene Magoon
18:51 08 Jul 23
The professional staff at Pet Stop really gave me peace of mind. My yellow lab is very attracted to other dogs other people anything other than me. But with the Pet Stop fence, he can only go so far!The staff at Pet Stop are very professional, caring, and really seem to understand dogs. I was happy to write this review.
Susan FlintSusan Flint
02:45 18 Jun 23
We have been using PetStop for the past 20 years, and can't recommend them highly enough! They have worked with us to train 2 dogs, in two different homes. They are kind, caring people who want you and your dog to succeed. They have repaired our fence when we accidentally cut it while digging a new garden bed, and then sent us the repair kit to do it ourselves during Covid, when we put in another one. (Very simple and easy to use. Great instructions!)
Chuck HemeonChuck Hemeon
14:30 16 Jun 23
Our techinicain Brad was on time and throughly explained the quote and what he was going to do. We had damage to the wire and Brad located it quickly and made the repair. Very impressed with the product, service and the tech Brad. Very professional and it shows he takes pride in his work. I would recommend Pet Stop to any dog owner who wants to make sure their love ones do not wander off. Great job, thanks Brad
21:34 11 May 23
We had a fantastic experience with PetStop of Northern New England. Everyone we worked with was great, from the owner, to the installer, and the technicians. Our dogs are doing phenomenal, and have a safe area to run and play. I was very hesitant that our hound would do well, but after following the training guide, she is doing fantastic with no issues.
Mary Jane RowanMary Jane Rowan
15:26 02 May 23
Pet Stop installed and trained us with the fence system for our dog. She is half beagle, so she is a runner. Pet Stop did a great job and has been very responsive when we have had questions or needed help. Our dog is safe and happy. We are happy too. We recommend you use this business when thinking of installing an invisible fence. 5 STARS, for sure.
Brian DoucetBrian Doucet
02:04 25 Apr 23
Can’t think of a bad word to say about Pet Stop. They were extremely responsive and respectful in the ordering process and answered all questions thoroughly. On installation day Bill and Jake were professional and not only great technicians but you could tell they cared about the well being of my dog. They offered tips to keep him safe and worked IN THE RAIN through the woods to get the best placement. When done, they walked me through each step of the training process and app while giving me plenty of time to ask questions. 100% recommend Pet Stop.
Nancy KellyNancy Kelly
15:01 16 Apr 23
The entire family can enjoy the yard! Our fence has been installed for a little over a year and it was one of the best decisions we made. Our dog has the freedom to roam the yard, explore and most importantly have fun! She knows her boundaries and that is thanks to the training when we first had the install and the weeks following. It was simple and spot on. It made us all feel comfortable. We’ve had zero issues since. Highly recommend this business.
Rebecca FarrenRebecca Farren
11:41 20 Feb 23
Pet Stop has been absolutely great to work with! We have a Labrador who loves spending time outside, but we live on a busy road with no physical fence. From installation to training, the folks at Pet Stop have been kind, timely and have great communication.Murphy is able to enjoy the yard and it only took once for him to learn his boundaries. They also have a great battery program where they will automatically ship you new batteries for the collar so it's one less thing I have to think about.They're very close and local to us. I've had to stop into the office for a question and they were so helpful and didn't mind the drop in at all, which I feel is rare these days in businesses.I would recommend Pet Stop and their products to anyone looking to have their pet enjoy the outdoors worry free!
Heidi D'ItaliaHeidi D'Italia
13:31 12 Nov 22
When I was first considering my options, I was reluctant about an electric fence, and the zap our dogs would be receiving if they crossed the boundary line and a chain link fence is unattractive, unable to be installed right off a door, due to the layout of my yard, plus 3 times more the price for just a small area. During my consultation with the owner, I was impressed with his honesty and professionalism, as well as hearing his first-hand knowledge with his own dog. On top of that, the price is quite reasonable and our dogs are able to use our entire space, rather than just a small area of the yard. I was feeling more at ease and very excited to get started. Their Gentle Steps training is exactly that...they spend time working with you and your dog(s) on the day of the install, then leave you with a two week training period, while your dog is still on leash, to gently teach the dog the boundary line before coming back to set the fence on a more permanent level. My dogs learned very fast and although I still have flags in my yard, which have been there since May, if one of the dogs gets too close to the line, all I have to say are the key words, "Watch out!" and they turn right around. We love watching them have freedom to run around the entire property. Both of our dogs are recent rescues, and were adopted separately. Having all this space for them, I think, has helped them bond. We are looking forward to watching them romp around in the snow this year. If you are considering your fence options, I would highly recommend this company. They are always willing to answer your questions, even after the training period is over and the install is complete. I'm confident you won't be disappointed. Sam (collie/shepherd) and Margie (shepherd mix)
Tiffany KolodziejTiffany Kolodziej
12:42 27 Oct 22
This was the first time we've needed an electric fence with our dogs, we were not looking forward to the process. From day 1 Pet Stop was been professional, responsive, and informative. Not only do they provide the installation service, they also provide training. All of the staff were very knowledgeable on the product as well as dog behaviors. Billy came out to do our off-leash yard training. He was unbelievable! So patient, answered all of our questions, stayed until we felt comfortable, and offered follow up services. Pet Stop made this whole process so easy and comfortable for us and our dogs. Nothing but positive experiences with this company.
11:45 09 May 22
Pet Stop installed our fence 10 years ago for our Golden puppy and then came out again 2 years ago to help us train a new puppy. Both times they were very thorough! Our 2nd dog is much smaller and they adjusted things and helped with how the differences would work. We have never had a problem with the fence installation in all these years!A couple of times landscapers clipped the underground wire and they were right back here to help within a day, and putting new flags up.Their communications with battery renewals is amazing - I never have to think about it - it just arrives!!We have recommended Pet Stop to many friends and we are so happy knowing our dogs are protected at all times on our busy road!
Shannon MadsonShannon Madson
17:07 25 Apr 22
These guys are top notch! We are super lucky to have found such a great place with an amazing group of talented professionals. They are very knowledgeable, experienced and very quick to respond with any questions we had about training our dogs. I highly recommend this company! We had our dogs off the leash in less than 3 weeks! It has been a year now that we have had the fence installed and our pets are doing great! We still continue to have great service with the staff at pet stop any time we have a question or need them to come out they respond in a timely manner! Wonderful service, amazing training!… and our dogs are happy when they come visit! Thank you guys so much for everything!
Hilary LindHilary Lind
17:43 07 Apr 22
We've had a Pet Stop invisible fence for about 10 years now in our rural Byfield property and I couldn't recommend them enough! Installation was efficient and the training for our dogs was thorough. Since our initial installation, we've added a few dogs to our family and the process of training, swapping around collars and setting up new collars was super easy. I love that they are a local business and a real person (Melissa 🙂 answers the phone each time. They've been so patient with me with having to adjust our base unit with new dogs. It's been a great experience.
James CheathamJames Cheatham
18:57 30 Mar 22
We were looking at different types of fencing for our new dog and found some of our neighbors were using an invisible fence from pet stop and realized it could be the solution for us. We contacted Pet stop and found they are knowledgeable and experienced. The planning for where to place the fence was a collaborative process and their expertise was very valuable. The installation was quick and the training was as fun ( for the humans).The system has provided peace of mind for our family knowing our dogs are safely on the yard.When we added a 2nd dog, all we had to do is call and get another collar and we already knew how to train the new dog.Anytime you have a question, you can just call and speak with someone and get an answer.
Colleen BColleen B
18:58 17 Mar 22
I have been a customer of Pet Stop since 2010 and have been very pleased with their services. I had them install the original invisible fence in our large yard back then and have not had any problems since. We just added a new dog to our family and needed training plus a new collar for him. Excellent, professional, fast service. The technician/trainer has been here before and always very friendly, courteous and good with our dogs. Highly recommend this company!

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