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  • Jennifer SJennifer SHampstead, NH

    Highly recommend. Terri and her entire staff were so pleasant and professional. They truly were invested in answering all our questions, listening to our concerns and giving us exactly what we needed. One of our dogs has an extremely "strong" personality and I was extremely skeptical that any type of wireless system would work for him. We tried two other systems and he would just go right through them, not caring about the correction he got. After the first training session, I could tell he was learning. I am happy to say that now, both our dogs Ruger and Buca, are allowed to roam the property, get exercise and fresh air without me worrying about them going into the road or out into the far back woods. Affordable, effective and comforting.

  • Steve D.Steve D.Hampstead, NH

    Based on a recommendation from another dog owner who used this company, we are so glad we called Pet Stop; truly dog fence Experts..professional, experienced, and knowledgeable! Bauer now can safely enjoy being outside.

  • Rebekah W.Rebekah W.Hampstead, NH

    I have nothing but positive things to say about Pet Stop NE. They were amazing! Our dog was very stubborn and continued to run through the fence. Billy came back multiple times and worked with us and our dog until she no longer runs through. They were all extremely helpful and I know we would not have gotten through the training without them. Thank you Pet Stop and especially Billy for all your help!!

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Nancy KellyNancy Kelly
15:01 16 Apr 23
The entire family can enjoy the yard! Our fence has been installed for a little over a year and it was one of the best decisions we made. Our dog has the freedom to roam the yard, explore and most importantly have fun! She knows her boundaries and that is thanks to the training when we first had the install and the weeks following. It was simple and spot on. It made us all feel comfortable. We’ve had zero issues since. Highly recommend this business.
Rebecca FarrenRebecca Farren
11:41 20 Feb 23
Pet Stop has been absolutely great to work with! We have a Labrador who loves spending time outside, but we live on a busy road with no physical fence. From installation to training, the folks at Pet Stop have been kind, timely and have great communication.Murphy is able to enjoy the yard and it only took once for him to learn his boundaries. They also have a great battery program where they will automatically ship you new batteries for the collar so it's one less thing I have to think about.They're very close and local to us. I've had to stop into the office for a question and they were so helpful and didn't mind the drop in at all, which I feel is rare these days in businesses.I would recommend Pet Stop and their products to anyone looking to have their pet enjoy the outdoors worry free!
Heidi D'ItaliaHeidi D'Italia
13:31 12 Nov 22
When I was first considering my options, I was reluctant about an electric fence, and the zap our dogs would be receiving if they crossed the boundary line and a chain link fence is unattractive, unable to be installed right off a door, due to the layout of my yard, plus 3 times more the price for just a small area. During my consultation with the owner, I was impressed with his honesty and professionalism, as well as hearing his first-hand knowledge with his own dog. On top of that, the price is quite reasonable and our dogs are able to use our entire space, rather than just a small area of the yard. I was feeling more at ease and very excited to get started. Their Gentle Steps training is exactly that...they spend time working with you and your dog(s) on the day of the install, then leave you with a two week training period, while your dog is still on leash, to gently teach the dog the boundary line before coming back to set the fence on a more permanent level. My dogs learned very fast and although I still have flags in my yard, which have been there since May, if one of the dogs gets too close to the line, all I have to say are the key words, "Watch out!" and they turn right around. We love watching them have freedom to run around the entire property. Both of our dogs are recent rescues, and were adopted separately. Having all this space for them, I think, has helped them bond. We are looking forward to watching them romp around in the snow this year. If you are considering your fence options, I would highly recommend this company. They are always willing to answer your questions, even after the training period is over and the install is complete. I'm confident you won't be disappointed. Sam (collie/shepherd) and Margie (shepherd mix)
Tiffany KolodziejTiffany Kolodziej
12:42 27 Oct 22
This was the first time we've needed an electric fence with our dogs, we were not looking forward to the process. From day 1 Pet Stop was been professional, responsive, and informative. Not only do they provide the installation service, they also provide training. All of the staff were very knowledgeable on the product as well as dog behaviors. Billy came out to do our off-leash yard training. He was unbelievable! So patient, answered all of our questions, stayed until we felt comfortable, and offered follow up services. Pet Stop made this whole process so easy and comfortable for us and our dogs. Nothing but positive experiences with this company.
11:45 09 May 22
Pet Stop installed our fence 10 years ago for our Golden puppy and then came out again 2 years ago to help us train a new puppy. Both times they were very thorough! Our 2nd dog is much smaller and they adjusted things and helped with how the differences would work. We have never had a problem with the fence installation in all these years!A couple of times landscapers clipped the underground wire and they were right back here to help within a day, and putting new flags up.Their communications with battery renewals is amazing - I never have to think about it - it just arrives!!We have recommended Pet Stop to many friends and we are so happy knowing our dogs are protected at all times on our busy road!
Shannon MadsonShannon Madson
17:07 25 Apr 22
These guys are top notch! We are super lucky to have found such a great place with an amazing group of talented professionals. They are very knowledgeable, experienced and very quick to respond with any questions we had about training our dogs. I highly recommend this company! We had our dogs off the leash in less than 3 weeks! It has been a year now that we have had the fence installed and our pets are doing great! We still continue to have great service with the staff at pet stop any time we have a question or need them to come out they respond in a timely manner! Wonderful service, amazing training!… and our dogs are happy when they come visit! Thank you guys so much for everything!
Hilary LindHilary Lind
17:43 07 Apr 22
We've had a Pet Stop invisible fence for about 10 years now in our rural Byfield property and I couldn't recommend them enough! Installation was efficient and the training for our dogs was thorough. Since our initial installation, we've added a few dogs to our family and the process of training, swapping around collars and setting up new collars was super easy. I love that they are a local business and a real person (Melissa 🙂 answers the phone each time. They've been so patient with me with having to adjust our base unit with new dogs. It's been a great experience.
James CheathamJames Cheatham
18:57 30 Mar 22
We were looking at different types of fencing for our new dog and found some of our neighbors were using an invisible fence from pet stop and realized it could be the solution for us. We contacted Pet stop and found they are knowledgeable and experienced. The planning for where to place the fence was a collaborative process and their expertise was very valuable. The installation was quick and the training was as fun ( for the humans).The system has provided peace of mind for our family knowing our dogs are safely on the yard.When we added a 2nd dog, all we had to do is call and get another collar and we already knew how to train the new dog.Anytime you have a question, you can just call and speak with someone and get an answer.
Colleen BColleen B
18:58 17 Mar 22
I have been a customer of Pet Stop since 2010 and have been very pleased with their services. I had them install the original invisible fence in our large yard back then and have not had any problems since. We just added a new dog to our family and needed training plus a new collar for him. Excellent, professional, fast service. The technician/trainer has been here before and always very friendly, courteous and good with our dogs. Highly recommend this company!

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