Keeping pets safe in the yard and away from danger doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful for you or your dog. All dog fence systems rely on a special training collar that emits a brief and harmless static correction as a deterrent to leaving the safety of the yard which may be stressful for some animals, particularly if you have a shy or sensitive pet. To reduce the stress associated with introducing your pet to her new fence, Pet Stop® has introduced the new GentleSteps™ training method

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GentleSteps™ training

The days of painfully shocking your pets to teach them their new electric fence boundaries are in the past! Pet Stop of Northern New England uses a revolutionary training technique that is extremely pet-friendly and humane, using low levels of correction to gently teach your pet their new fence with little to no stress and certainly no painful zaps. This system, GentleSteps™, works flawlessly with our technologically advanced pet fencing products, allowing us to train your pet to the fence faster and more efficiently. In addition, the use of positive reinforcement and treats during training can even make GentleSteps™ training fun for both the pet and the owner!

What Will It Feel Like For My Dog?

GentleSteps™ utilizes ultra-low levels of training collar stimulation during the critical initial training phase that leaves your dog happy and secure in the safety of your yard. Our receiver collars use barely perceptible levels of collar stimulation – just a tickle similar to a static discharge from touching a doorknob. This unique soft-touch training method allows Pet Stop® clients to focus on more positive experiences such as freedom in the yard to run and play.

How Long Will The Training Take?

There’s no guesswork, and no timetable. Your dog will be telling us what level they need and when they need that level. Dogs are like people, every dog is different. We will progress at the dog’s pace. That being said, most dogs are trained to the fence in less than 2 weeks. Contact us today to learn more about our GentleSteps™ training.

Gentle Products

We’re proud to carry Pet Stop® brand electronic pet fencing products! When it comes to the health and happiness of your beloved pet, we don’t outsource – all of our underground pet fence systems are made right here in America and are constructed of quality, durable materials. Not only are our products guaranteed to last a long time, but they’re also safe and humane, providing effective dog containment without the use of painful zaps.

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