Invisible Fence® Founder John Purtell


The History

John Purtell, Pet Stop’s most recent President, founded Invisible Fence® and managed its incredible growth for seventeen years. You’ll find this history on Wikipedia.

After selling the company at its zenith and waiting out a non-compete, Purtell joined Perimeter Technologies and attracted several former key employees. Together they helped design an incredible Pet Stop product and grow a different type of dealer network.

Upon inspecting the Invisible Fence® website and its history, you’ll discover no mention of Mr. Purtell but rather an untruthful history to remove Mr. Purtell from any mention. The attempt to avoid mentioning Mr. Purtell is understandable given our competitive positions, but to deliberately post an untruthful history causes one to question the integrity of this company.

Regardless, we are proud of Mr. Purtell’s vast accomplishments within the electronic pet fence industry, which he started many years ago. Most notably, the Pet Stop brand benefited enormously from Mr. Purtell and his former staff in creating unique technology sold by dealers who are experts in their craft. Check out the Pet Stop dealer nearest you. 

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